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The Spirit is so strong now, it has been so strong since last night, that I feel as if I could burst! I know that not everyone feels the Spirit physically, but I sure have, and this is yet another occasion. The Spirit becomes so strong at times, especially when I am teaching others about the Gospel that my hands will shake slightly. Nothing huge, nothing STRONG ... certainly nothing scary ... simply a physical manifestation of his presence.

Well, like I said, I have felt the Spirit so strongly over these past 24 hours, and I will now explain to you why. For those of you who have full or at least partial member families, you may never fully understand this, but those of you who are the only member in his/her entire family as I am, you just may. I have been praying for my Dad ever since I originally joined the Church. He is such a spiritual giant that I knew that if he could just open his heart and break down those barriers that he had formed that he could welcome the Church with open arms. Well, as of yet, that has not happened. But, last night, and today, as I have been praying, the Spirit has overwhelmed me ... it has been just short of audibly yelling at me, 'He is ready!'. I don't get the feeling that he is ready to join the Church. He may not be for a long time, but I have the strong and undeniable impression that he is ready to begin to be taught and that he will listen. I had not expected this, which leads me to further believe that it could be none other than the Spirit himself. In fact, I had questioned if the time would ever come in this life. Well, it has! I am now praying for the guidance to teach him, i.e. what to teach him and how to, because I get a little too overzealous at times. I do not want to scare him. I do not want to push it all down his throat in a single bound, but I cannot contain my excitement at this moment. I will wait until I get the confirmation that I am fully ready, but for the time being, I am fully satisfied with that simple answer. "He is ready!"

There has also been another huge event for me, in which the Spirit has been so strong. It is the one that brought it in so strongly in the first place, and that is the witnessing of a miracle! I have heard/read stories about such things happening, but I had yet to witness something as powerful as what I was blessed to experience last night.

I had mentioned the lady from our ward, who is out West at her family's for the Winter. A month or two ago, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. From the prognosis about 2 weeks ago or so, we essentially didn't expect her to make it back, even though she was due back only in April. There were 2 very large tumors that they had been unable to remove, so they were going to attempt experimental chemo. I had just found a card to send her, when, as I thought coincidence, I realized that I could not find her address. I was saddened by this! ... afraid that she would pass away before I could get that final letter to her! Well, as we all know, there are never coincidences, and this was certainly not one of them!

I popped on here last night to check my e-mail before going to bed, and, as I am horrible at paraphrasing and would do it no justice, anyway, I will simply copy and paste what I found:

Subject: Jeannine _______'s miracle!

[I started crying, even reading the title, because I knew!]

"Dear Family and Friends:

Monday Mom had a ct scan done as a baseline to start her chemotherapy. As the operative report and Dr. Futoran’s findings after surgery stated he left significant tumor in the abdominal wall and splenic flexure ( around the spleen) as well as along the left side of the colon. However, the CT scan from Monday shows that ALL tumor is gone!! She still has to have chemo because the cancer is still present in a microscopic stage, but the significant tumor that was left following the surgery is no longer present!! Thus, she will not be on the experimental chemo, but the regular chemo of Toxil and Cisplatin. She will go every 21 days for six rounds. We are so thrilled. We know that our Heavenly Father heard yours and our prayers and granted this large remission. She thanks everyone who fasted and prayed for her. She starts chemo next week. What a testimony we have of fasting and prayer. We know this happened because of everyone’s combined efforts to draw down the power of heaven to assist Nana (Jeannine)!! Please continue to pray and fast for her as she under goes the chemo therapy. She is still not cancer free, but the prognosis is so much better now!! How grateful I am for the priesthood and divine intervention. We can never thank you all enough for your prayers. This is truly one of the great stories you hear about and how awesome it is that it happened to Mom.

With the greatest of grateful hearts

Thanks to all"

I love that woman! And, now, I will write her a card with a completely different mindset.

All in all, I could not be anymore more happy at this point!

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